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We activate our growth, self-care and work habits with this Full Moon. If we have been lazy, now is the time to get our shit together and to focus on growing and thriving this Virgo promotes self-love, not in the way that Leo does, but in a practical sense. If we have been overworked, we need to take a step back. If we have fallen down disorganization, we need to restructure our lives. If we have been ignoring our emotional and physical needs, we need to focus on methods to get back to feeling better about ourselves. This is not about self-indulging bad habits but of growth, even if we fear or reject it.

The Full Moon will change our outlook and bring only good things if we let it. Take chances and believe in yourselves so you can thrive. Aries — You will feel driven to get back to being number one. Methods to taking care of yourself will come into the limelight for the next six months. Changing our dynamic with those who we are surrounded with will also come into play.

Stay organized, learn from your mistakes because it will only help you improve. Also, with Uranus in your first, you should try to think before you act and the Full Moon will help you with those impulses hopefully. Taurus — You feel overworked and tired, now is the time for relaxation and creativity.

Your thoughts will allow you to flourish with this transit, so if you are in the creative field, enjoy the gifts that the moon shall shower you with. This is the time to pay attention to dreams and to get ready for the changes that await for you in the next few months. Gemini — The Full Moon will bring to light your place in your career path and home. Here you will feel like you need to make some choices in terms of taking a break and the Full Moon will guide you with that.

Do not be afraid to be a homebody if you feel exhausted from working hard. Take it easy, enjoy the company of others and recharge. Cancer — It will be a time for mental stimulation and lots of creativity with this transit. You will want to be more accessible to everyone and many will seek your wisdom for problems.

To those who have major projects pending, now is the time to finish them and get them out of the way. You will feel the changing dynamics at your job, so use this time to show them how intelligent and valuable you are. Expect praise during this transit but be sure to not overwork yourself. Leo — Money will come to you in unexpected ways as the Moon allows you to craft new methods in generating more income. You could also receive a lot of gifts during this transit. The Virgo Full Moon will also show you how to treat yourself since you are worth it you already knew this.

February Full Moon Water Sign Cancer Pisces Scorpio

Finding new ways to channel your restless energy this transit will help you in the next couple of months. Virgo — With the Full Moon lighting you up, this is the time to focus on what you want and need. Take care of yourself, trust your dreams and fight for what you truly want. Old habits end and new ways to improve are on the horizon. This is the transit of self-care, self-love and appreciation. Libra — With Pisces Season starting, you will be in a dreamlike state and this transit is no different.

Relax, heal emotionally and spiritually and take it easy. Life brings you challenges but you know that you are strong enough to tackle them. Trust yourself and get ready to focus on new things to come. The Moon shining in your 12 th is lucky, which means new things are on their way and you will share more love in an intimate setting.

Scorpio — Connecting with others is your strong suit, even if you may not be a fan of it. People relate to you in a one to one setting, so make sure to go out and connect. This transit makes you charming, understanding and knowledgeable. Here you will connect with grounded people who will help push your career or dreams. Connect, listen and expand because it can help you be more successful at school or work and with Jupiter already making a pleasant transit to your second, it could mean those people can help you make more money.

Sagittarius — Virgo and Sagittarius have an interesting relationship. The Moon shines in your Midheaven allowing for your career expansion and personal growth. Appreciate these opportunities. Virgo gives Sagittarius the grounding it desperately seeks. If you had been considering a career shift, this Full Moon will put a lot of things in perspective for you. Expect unexpected successes this transit, which you will feel until July.

Capricorn — The Full Moon makes a pleasant trine to your ascendant as well as Venus. This is the time to grow emotionally, spiritually and to establish stronger commitments. Your thoughts will be honored, so make sure to think big and set realistic goals because you will be able to accomplish them. Do not let your negativity bring you down, always think about the good and forget the dark side of things. With Jupiter close to your Ascendant, you should benefit from changing your outlook and philosophy this transit. Aquarius — There could be a moment where you feel you need to tackle some past issues or deal with some financial setbacks.

Do not fret, the Moon here will provide you with some opportunity to get back that money you may have lost earlier in the year. There could be a period of enlightenment with this transit as you solve some mysteries that you have been worrying over. After this, you will be feeling lighter and happier. Pisces — Pisces Season is officially here, so you get to feel this Full Moon with greater intensity since it opposes your Ascendant.

Relationships become stronger and you feel more confident with partners and friends. You know your worth and you will also be able to meet new people during this transit. This is the time for you to feel love and hope, with Jupiter also giving you blessings this year with job prospects and education. Considering the rarity and beauty of the upcoming Dignified Grand Water Trine I thought it might be a good idea to create a tarot spread to utilize the force of some of the potent energies involved.

My very good friends including ascelladelic whose beautiful handwriting this is and I discussed the archetypal powers at play and tried to create a spread that could help illuminate the internal landscape in a way that would provide a road map to long-term happiness and success. The spread spirals outward toward the external release point provided by the Sun in Capricorn. The trine energy of the pyramid is given forward momentum by the addition of the final card, and the shape becomes a wave water keke. Both the Moon and Cancer ask us to be mindful and present.

How can we best connect with the cosmic energies surrounding us to be fully awake and aware? Position 2: How can I be more vulnerable in order to connect and grow with my loved ones? Moon in Cancer. Opening our hearts is the best way to connect with those dear to us. Through this connection our hearts can expand and grow in ways that would be unavailable to us as solitary entities.

How can we step back into the alignment that will ignite a fire within our hearts? Neptune in Pisces. At times our subconscious screams out to us, begging for analysis and attention. Whenever we wander in that realm, however, it is within a fog. We can not see with our eyes, and at times we need guidance. Boundaries are erected in order to protect us. After some time we begin to cling to these boundaries, however, thinking all who come near to be enemies.

In order to expand spiritually we must question how useful these calcified remains are in our current states. Position 7: How do we physically channel this psychic gift into long-term success and growth? Sun in Capricorn. The trine is an aspect of ease and instinct, but it inherently has no effort or direction of its own. Watch out for emotional breakdowns, irrational judgements and constant states of delusion for today. The Full Moon in Pisces will be gracing our lives on September 14th. Virgo Season is the opening of a can of worms. We are in the phase where we encounter what has been bothering us for quite sometime and this Pisces Full Moon helps to unleash it.

It is interesting to see that Pisces can work magic and nightmares seamlessly. Ruled by Neptune, the sign knows no bounds as it forces us to dive into the surreal and take sanction in our dreams. Virgo represents practicality and Pisces wants what it cannot see. This Moon makes us feel as if we are trapped in a dreamscape that slowly manifests into a nightmare. Luckily, we still have that Earth energy but with Neptune in its domicile and the Moon close to it, we cannot help but feel as if we are being pulled into another galaxy.

Aries — A time of reflection and solitude as you decide to pick up the pieces or consider planning something you have either you planned on starting or taken apart. Use this time to think and allow your intuition to guide you. Taurus — This is a perfect opportunity to cut the chords with those people that have been deceptive to you.

This Moon makes you very alert and although you might encounter some charmers who are snakes in disguise, be diligent and vigilant. Trust for you should be earned so do not let the facade seduce you. Practice patience this period and do not indulge as much because Venus will be in its domicile when she enters Libra. Gemini — You will have to put a lot of hard work into getting what you want in the next six months when the Full Moon makes her appearance. Do not be fooled by what you see, dig deeper, analyze and do not work half way. It will feel like a tug of war as you find your footing between your ambitions and what you desire from within.

Moon Phases Information

Everyone must practice patience and scrutiny during this transit. Cancer — This will be a fun one for you as you seek mentors that will aide in your self improvement. As much as we all want to escape and wear rose colored glasses, we need to first be practical about the choices we make and this applies to the people we meet as well. Leo — Pisces energy will make you ponder and dig deeper into your psyche when the Full Moon arrives. This can be a tough ship to sail in, especially with Neptune already gliding through your Piscean House.

Take charge and make sure to channel your bright Leo energy to get you through this. It can feel like a house of horrors but you have the mental strength to handle anything. A ruler does not get intimidated easily. Keep the crown on. Virgo — This is your season and time to shine but you might put yourself in a rut with the self criticism. Give yourself a break and reconnect with people in your life. The Full Moon makes you more open to harmonizing friendships, to seek peace and show those who mean the world to you how strongly you can love.

All you have to do is open your heart a little more. Libra — Your work ethic will be unmatched during this Full Moon. Be careful of those with the soft voices and sweet personas that might want to dump extra work on you. Stay on top of your game and watch where you step. Scorpio — Water energy brings you at a higher energy plane. With this Full Moon in Pisces, you will be thriving while the rest of the world dives into anxiety.

You are in your element and will feel a surge of excitement, fun and creativity as you mingle and indulge in the exciting things life presents to you. Sagittarius — Pisces makes a Square to your sign so it will feel like a power struggle with the Full Moon in that sign. There may be a bit of pressure in the work front and at home as you find ways to preserve your sanity. Luckily, Jupiter, your ruling Planet is still making its final months through your sign which will allow for you to shake it off. However, you should still hustle and work as much as you can so you can be honored for your efforts.

Capricorn — Your mind will be in a nervous state but you might feel used to this as Neptune continues to transit in the sign of Pisces. Creative flows are beneficial as you can easily gain more recognition if you are employed through Publishing or do any freelance writing. Capricorns will be more studious, analytical and will plan on how to get what they want. This season and the Moon will push you further than ever. Aquarius — This is the time to find ways to save.

With the Full Moon you will be more prone to analyzing your expenses and how to better them. Do not indulge in things you cannot afford and remember your strengths as well as your worth. Virgo Season allows for you to bring about much needed stability, so we have that in our favor. Pisces — With this Full Moon in your lovely sign you might fall under the illusions of Neptune. Luckily, you can thank the harshness of your sister sign to help you break through the smoke and mirrors. Set the goals, fight for what you want and do not become susceptible to negative thoughts.

Be critical, plan and move forward. If you have a practical idea or plan, put it into action. Take charge and fight. There will also be a Lunar Eclipse which makes things more interesting. The Sun will be in Aquarius, causing an opposition between the Sun and Moon as the energies reveal more tension than harmony.

But Venus being in a fire sign can make this a very intense period, making us hunger for connection and intimacy or just pushing us to be more social. Venus will be trining the Moon, which further expands our desire for love and with Jupiter in fiery Sagittarius, it makes us want to believe in dreams and the impossible. With Saturn still transiting in the sign of Capricorn, having Jupiter in Sagittarius provides a much-needed balance so that not everything feels like gloom and doom right, Pluto?

Aries Leo Moon in the 5th House and Aquarius Sun in the 11 th House — A time to reflect on who will be there for you and how to strengthen those connection. You will feel social and want to engage with those around you. This is the perfect time to get any projects going because your mind will be bursting with imagination. While your loving cup may feel tipped and empty during this time, you will be once again hopeful on the 20th, when you start your solar return.

The light will once again shine on you, promising you a lucrative year ahead. The lunar eclipse on the 21st brings a professional partnership to light, making you rethink your commitments to joint ventures. Finally, January 31st makes you more lustful over money—be sure to make secure investments before you cartwheel through your bank account.

Pisces January is a bit of a mixed energy. The solar eclipse January 5th align you with powerful colleagues, who will help advance your career. The caveat falls within you, dear sea dweller, as you are unsure if you are suited for this career path. You are having a professional existential crisis of sorts on January 13th, which will lead you to question your goals.

You may feel as though you have worked so hard on your path and you have hit a brick wall, or, as though there is no advancement in your career. Regardless, you are now motivated to seek out new opportunities and professional directions, which will lead you down the path of success on the 31st. Taurus As Jupiter glides into Sagittarius on the 8th, you may be forced to get real about your finances. Spending freely has added some wonderful garments to your closet, but, depleted your bank account and maxed out your credit cards, forcing you to feel the strain on November 16th.

When Mercury starts gliding backwards on the 16th, you may start to panic due to your lack of funds. However, as the Sun shifts into Sagittarius on November 22nd, you will have ample time to get your finances in check. Gemini The Nodes of Destiny enter the financial sector of your chart on the 6th, placing an emphasis on your spending habits.

Cutting back or even coupon clipping may feel foreign to you, however, it will help you save your pennies, thus, yielding more money in your bank account. November 16th brings work matters to a head, as drama with coworkers takes center stage. Try to stay out of the office politics, as arguments may consume your workplace for the next several weeks. Cancer Uranus will bring unexpected highs or lows to the career sector of your chart on the 6th.

Try to stay on the cutting edge at work and promote extraordinary, transformative ideas or projects to your boss. Not only will this elevate your status in the office, but, it will also allow your superiors to view you as a pioneer. Leo Neptune has been swimming backwards for months, forcing you to take a closer look at your debt issues. This may take some time to figure out, especially, since the Sun and Jupiter are urging you spend frivolously this month.

Take your time, keep your eyes open and be aware of your spending this month, in order to keep the current issue under control. Retrogrades are a great time to revise and reorganize financial matters. Think of this as your time to redo past spending faux pas—even hitting the rewind button or returning purchases bought then. The Nodal shift on the 6th allows you to finally gain recognition amongst your peers, while the Full Moon on the 23rd illuminates a new path or opportunity for you to take at work, which will elevate your position.

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Libra Both Venus and Uranus Retrograde have reeked havoc on your chart—particularly your finances since September when Venus entered its pre retrograde shadow. November serves to give you relief from the financial lulls and stresses you have been under for the past few months. As the Nodes of Destiny switch signs on the 6th, your career gets a sudden bump. Try not to overextend yourself—balance out your work and personal time to create an equilibrium, allowing you to steadily increase your workout, not a burnout from taking on too many projects at once. Scorpio The 6th may ignite the flame with your colleagues, sparking past issues and rivalries to engulf the office.

While the bright flames may intrigue you, step away from the from the spectacle, as it will burn you the most if you engage. Penny pinching may be challenging at first, however, your fiery optimism and can do attitude will help you overcome any obstacle at hand. Capricorn Venus Retrograde will change your career—for the better!

Venus, who glided back into the career sector of your chart on Halloween, has given you a chance during its backspin to change your work situations and goals. Think about your endgame, see what you can change in your career and with the relationship you have with your boss. This will help you achieve your goals swiftly. Yes, dear Aquarius, the next year will be extremely fortunate to your networking skills, even bringing hopes of a new job or promotion.

Also, expect to have more clarity on finances as illusive planet Neptune, stops playing tricks on your finances on the 24th, by turning direct. Financial affairs may be a little cloudy still, but, you will be able to keep your head above water by the end of November. Pisces As your planetary ruler enters the dignified sign of Sagittarius on the 8th, you will experience a surge in status.

Luck runs high through the career sector of your chart, granting success and even a promotion. Taurus While others may be scrambling to keep their livelihood afloat this month, you are mostly concerned with partnerships—deciding what projects and people to invest your money and time in. The 5th causes you to rethink recent endeavors, giving you the option to renegotiate recent contracts. The 26th gives you clarity, as you may possibly renege on a deal. However, October leaves you feeling lost, as your pristine crystal clear judgement is now foggy.

Disappointments at work on the 18th and 19th may force you to feel lost in terms of your career, as feelings of inadequacy come to surface.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

The 20th and 22nd urge you to take control of financial and career power dynamics. But, you may take a step back, opting to ride the wave before taking any actions, due to your lack of career motivation and uncertainty this month. This is quite exciting for you, dear crab, as you often spend frugally. The 5th and the 26th jumpstart your urge to invest on passion projects.

Leo Often the life of the party, you tend to overspend quite often. This will cause issues in October, as your generous heart has left you scrambling for cash. As Venus starts to glide backwards on October 5th, you will immediately start to feel the financial pinch. Use October to revise your monetary plan and create a budget.

Even though you may feel financially overwhelmed and your bank account may be underwhelmed, you have the opportunity to enhance your assets with simple planning and foresight, which will allow you to feel more in control of your finances by the 26th. Virgo Spending money frivolously with friends this past month sure has put a drain on your once lush bank account. October begins with the heat on your finances, causing you to feel the financial drain on the 3rd and 7th. The 31st brings a new chance to revise your finances, as Venus moves backwards through your house of finances, offering you an opportunity to change the game for November.

Libra This month takes a bite out of your bank account, Libra. As your planetary ruler, Venus, glides backwards in the financial sector of your chart starting on October 5th , the next 41 days will prove to be taxing on you, creating much anxiety around money. Be cautious this month! Do not spend your cash on fanciful inclinations and desires.

Try to create a penchant for coupon clipping and bargain deals, which will help you reassess your wallet by Halloween, when Venus aligns with your Sun, thus, allowing you to spend your savings on a lovely costume, drinks, and fun with friends. Venus kicks off her retrograde journey October 5th, on your Sun, forcing you to make minor financial touch ups. This may come as a surprise to you, after all, you are usually financially responsible.

The 9th gives you the opportunity to address your current financial missteps, giving you the chance to clear your current monetary lulls on the 23rd, by bringing in an advisor on the 24th to help you budget. Luckily for you, Sag, your friends step in on October 2nd and offer you financial support. While you may view their kindness as unnecessary, accepting their help on the 4th, will allow you to be at ease on the 5th. Be aware, the loan does come with strings. Try to make proper guidelines and boundaries on the 7th and 9th, by openly discussing a payback plan.

If not, the 22nd will prove to be challenging with your peers and your wallet. However, this month, you are swept away by politics, dedicating yourself more as a SJW than a workaholic. Your charisma will be placed on humanitarian efforts, starting on the 5th, as unsavory news hits the airways. The 14th gives you an opportunity to assess your beliefs, creating a platform to express yourself, allowing for you to raise money for your cause on the 18th, 26th, and 31st. Aquarius All work and no play can make your loving cup feel under nourished and appreciated.

October 5th forces you to dedicate your energy toward work, as major shifts and transformations at the workplace are underway, making you feel like a fish out of water. Keep the faith, dear Aquarius! The 29th allows you to burn off some steam as work issues clear up, allowing for you to celebrate Halloween with friends with no worries. Pisces With your head mostly in the clouds this month, your finances will take a sudden windfall. The 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 13th will cause utter confusion regarding your dwindling assets. As you struggle to keep your finances above water, in the first half of the month, try to keep a diary of your spending.

The 18th and 19th boost your assets, allowing for financial clarity on the 29th. Expect a monetary gift from your spirits on Halloween, as you are the recipient of a wonderful financial surprise. While you may feel a slight financial pinch in the beginning of the month, the backend of September pays off tremendously. By accessing your innate patience and methodical practicalities, you have the power to transform your monetary blues into bliss on the 21st.

The Fall Equinox adds prosperity into your bank account, ending your financial lull during the Harvest Moon on the 24th,. Money has been free flowing, like champagne, all Summer. September is your wake up call from living the good life, as your money making abilities slow down. Projects can be slow to start, forcing your bank account to slowly dwindle. The 21st and 22nd give you an opportunity to start new creative ventures with others, that can add some momentum to your assets. Focus your energies in September on your savings account and try to plan properly for the next months ahead.

Autumn will bring financial challenges, but you can avenge such issues by building better spending habits in advance. Saving your pennies now, will pay off later. And, yes, the road to financial growth is around the corner. After all, Scorpio is the sign that rules sex, death, and taxes. A gambler by nature, you often take monetary and career risks. Your enthusiastic approach may often lead to gain, however, sometimes the house wins. September brings you back to reality, forcing you to make realistic financial decisions on the 6th and the 30th.

Your career is highlighted during the New Moon on the 9th, allotting you different responsibilities at work, which may cause quarrels on the 25th. Try to take on the nuances of September one step at a time, access your inner warrior to strategically balance out the different energies. Your earthy intelligence has graced you with the gift of financial structure and career prominence, making September an easy breezy month for you on on all fronts.

Responsible by nature, September rewards your efforts with a long due raise on the 10th and fame on the 21st. You glide into autumn ahead of the game, making the Equinox on the 22nd the most auspicious day for your career this month. September allows you to take back control of your finances. Summertime overindulgences have forced your bank account to take a hit, causing your emotional cup to over runneth with personal anxieties.

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The New Moon, occurring on September 9th, helps clear your financial strain, ONLY if you address debt concerns with your creditors on the 5th and the 6th. September 10th is prime time for you to start repaying debts, on your new plan, which will alleviate stresses for you by the 25th. September forces you to feel like a fish out of water, pushing you to network within your work community.

Your increasing Instagram following allows you to enjoy fruits of your labor, as the public is taking notice of you professionally. All these efforts pay off during the Harvest Moon on September 24th, when your bank account ripens due to the influx of cash from your entrepreneurial mingling. Known for your strong work ethic, September is when your efforts shine. The month kicks off with a long awaited raise coming your way on the 3rd and the 6th gives you dominance in your career. The world sees you as the top ram in your industry, even catching more respect and admiration. September ends with you at the top of your field and the envy of others—due to your new career status.

Venus, your planetary ruler, enters Scorpio on September 9th, the same day as the Virgo New Moon, giving you hope to have the chance to pursue your artistic inclinations at work. While this may sound amazing, the caveat arises from Venus enters the pre retrograde shadow September 2nd, causing your cash flow slow down, as investments from investors and patrons may fall through.

The 10th is a powerful day for you to sweet talk your way into a profitable partnership, just be sure not to over-promise, as the 25th can leave you feeling out to pasture by your financial backers. Unfortunately, September is a bit of a challenge for you, Gemini. With your chameleon like abilities, you should be in full swing by the 30th. Saving your pennies for a rainy day has surely has paid off, allowing you all month to pursue creative endeavors. The 10th of September starts a new fiscal beginning, as your credit card balance reaches 0 or close to it , offering you time to focus your energies into work.

The Full Moon on September 24th brings a possible promotion your way, which helps you see tangible rewards for your hard efforts. September acts as your financial wake up call, dear lion. Planning your autumnal budget September 5th, will allow you to embrace new enterprising opportunities during the Virgo New Moon on September 9th. Happy back to school season, especially for those of us in the School of Life.

Try to focus on steadily integrating lessons rather than pushing forward at top speed. The Hermit guides us through the first couple weeks of September, which is very appropriate for Virgo season. He is facing the past, shining the light of his wisdom on all that we have gone through in the past two months, giving us time to discern what it is that we truly want to carry through to the manifestation phase in the coming harvest season.

With the Hermit as our guide, we are being asked to release outdated expectations in favor of what truly matters to us. And so we begin at an ending: what is holding us back? How can we let the dead things fall away? The Hermit makes these decisions in quiet and solitude, so make time for reflection, especially at the new moon in Virgo on September 9th. While the Hermit requires solitude, the 4 of Pentacles reminds us not to isolate ourselves to the point of disconnection. Sharing time and energy will open us up to new opportunities.

It is better to take conscious steps towards something we desire than to move through where we are as only a shell of ourselves. The 4 of Pentacles asks us to focus less on what we have and more on what we have to share. Are we committed to our path or are we floating? Wandering is vital to making any commitment. The Lovers are there to remind us that we have a duty to ourselves to be honest about where we are and what we feel called to do with our lives for the good of humankind. You may be looking at a great collaboration or the opportunity to join a team that inspires you.

Where the Hermit cautioned us, the Lovers asks us to reach out and share ideas, openly seeking our place in the world. This motivates you to get creative on how to expand your net worth during the solar eclipse on August 11th. The 19th presents an opportunity to raise your prices, which may leave you waiting on pins and needles for the next several days.

August ends with a chance for your clients to see how amazing you are and how much more credit you deserve, by way of money. Taurus A fortuitous opportunity presents itself on the 6th, giving you the chance to collaborate on a profitable new project. Be careful to outline the partnership through a contract, which will save you time and money in the end, as the slowdown of Mercury, Mars, and Uranus retrograde can leave you with a reversal of fortune if you do not use the 6th to your full advantage.

Gemini Uncertainty regarding finances may leave you with persistent worries for the first half of the month, as your planetary ruler, Mercury, is causing you to feel more mentally restless than usual. Try to focus your abundant energy on innovative ways to save and maybe even make an extra buck. Relief is on the way on the 19th, lasting the last 12 days of August, allowing you to enter September on solid financial ground.

Cancer August pushes you to take stock of your personal net worth, giving you the opportunity to reassess your finances during the Solar eclipse on August 11th. Stresses are alleviated on the 12th, as Mars, who is retrograde as well, offers you an opportunity to consolidate debt or save money. August 8th causes some ambiguity about your debts. You may have recently taken on too many creative projects, leaving you with fresh debt, which will really bug you on the solar eclipse.

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  • You may get upset about your inability to treat yourself to nice treats on your solar return. The retrograde caused delays in receiving mail, and, therefore, money. With some extra cash in your pocket, you may decide to relax this month and take a rest-cation from work, opting to use all those personal days you earned through the year to center yourself, especially during the eclipse on August 11th.

    Be sure to deposit the check right away and to keep your bank statements up to date, as things may get tricky to manage around the 21st. Libra August 6th serves as your time to pamper yourself with luxurious gifts, as your planetary ruler, Venus, links up with your sun. With champagne wishes and caviar dreams, August is a lovely time to shower yourself with gifts, mostly because your personal wealth is being expanded all month.

    With that in mind, you may decide to give back for all your good fortune this month by donating money to a charity during the solar eclipse on August 11th. Scorpio August proves to be a fruitful time for you financially! Even while your planetary ruler, Mars, moves backwards, you are still on fire, as you know how to manage your money. The solar eclipse on August 11th can offer you a chance to get a raise, which is something you have been eyeing at work for a while now.

    Show your audience you are the top Scorpion for the job by subtly reminding them of all your hard efforts from the past. This will propel you to monetary bliss by the beginning of September, when you can afford to treat yourself. Sagittarius This August, you may be the recipient of some sweet charity from your friends. While you may be too proud to ask for a loan, your friends may offer it or take up a collection to help you on August 6th.

    You are generous and deserve a helping hand! The eclipse on the 11th gives you a moment to feel grateful for the kindness of others. Assuring them you will return their generosity will avoid strife on the 27th. Capricorn Your personal finances may be a mess until the 12th, as action planet Mars shifts backwards from the financial sector of your chart making you take action and accountability for your spending habits. It will leave you more clear about how to manage your assets. Aquarius You are best served by heading into this month ready to do some hardcore adulting!

    You may feel like a bit of a shut-in and you will probably get bored in a week, but saving money will prevent issues for you in September. This includes making a monthly budget, coming to truly understand the costs of your expenses, and not going out to party whenever you feel like it unless you can truly afford to. While you may feel financially stressed on the 9th, the solar eclipse on 11th and then the helpful vibe of the 18th bring you time to spend some hard-earned cash on a fun evening out with your friends.

    The 6th brings a little quiet time for you to patiently tally up all your expenditures just in time for the eclipse on the 11th, which will help you understand what you should be spending your hard-earned money on… and where you can save a little for a rainy day. If you save now, an investment or return on your savings will make a once in a lifetime dream vacation possible in the coming months. Start saving now and you will be thankful later on. The Atmosphere : August brings with it a host of intense cosmic energies that we can all use to fuel the fires of our passions and ambitions.

    While we are in the midst of multiple retrogrades, Leo season is bound to keep us motivated to achieve our career goals. With the planets turning on their heels, hitting points we recently experienced all over again, we are given a chance to dig in deeper so that to we can aim higher when Mercury and Mars go direct again a few weeks.

    The Draw : The cards that represent the energy this month are the Ace of Wands, the 2 of Wands, and the 4 of Swords, with the Fool holding us steady to the promise of bliss at the bottom of the deck. We have low number below 5 fire cards wands , which indicate that we will start the month off with lots of energy. The Ace of Wands gives us a surge of inspiration surrounding our career goals, no matter the retrograde vibes! We will probably return with renewed energy to a project we dropped earlier in the summer and work at it with all our might through the first half of the month.

    The 2 of Wands signifies the commitment to the idea, with the figure in the card taking the first step towards manifesting his vision. We will prepare to plant the seed of our inspiration in the fertile ground of the outside world. Use this energy well, for the 4 of Swords at the end of the month shows an abrupt slowdown. Plan on rewarding yourself with a weekend of quiet self-care towards the end of the month.

    The Bottomline : Trust that whatever calls to you from the past in the beginning of the month is worth the work to either accomplish or resolve, and know when to take time for yourself to prevent burn-out. Here they are and how to keep your head on straight through it! Just prepare yourself with the right tools and stay cognizant of why certain feelings may be coming up.

    Taurus May is your time to shine Taurus! Gemini You are being called to slow down in the first two weeks of May. Cancer Taurus season is second only to your own sun sign season, my little cutie crabs. Libra Taurus might share your planetary ruler but there are more than a few misunderstandings between the signs, and so misunderstandings are going to follow you this month.

    Capricorn Call in all the money and success this month, Earth Babies! Aquarius With all of the earth and water signs taking over the sky this month, your usually articulate and matter of fact way of dealing with things is not going to work in your favor. Pisces The New Moon in Taurus on the 4th is probably going to make you want to sleep as opposed to call anything new into your life. Gemini Your already rampant mind is full of new ideas on the 5th.

    Leo That New Moon energy has you feeling like making new business cards and leaving them in every cool coffee shop around town. Virgo You have a lot of restless energy at the start of the month. Pisces Sometimes taking a good hard look at ourselves is the scariest thing we can do, but the Universe is calling you to do so at the beginning of the month.

    Payback is sweet, especially when it comes all at once. Yes, beautiful ram, karma comes full circle this month, with you getting the respect and appreciation you deserve. Expect others to pay back loans they owe you on December 1st and 2nd. By your peers clearing their debt, you will be stress free, and able to buy the best gifts for your flock. A work project ends on the 22nd, which will spin you into seasonal happiness, as you can take time off for the holidays.

    Mars connects with your Sun on December 31st, giving you the motivation to seek more fame and wealth in Just be sure to take the last week of December off from work, so you can move into the New Year with determination and gusto. December 7th pushes your credit cards to the max, as your holiday spending habits this year are at a high. The Full Moon on the 22nd allows you to rethink your work plan for , even forcing you to take much needed time off to spend with your family. New Years Eve may cause you to be reflective in the upcoming year, as you try to find your niche in the world amongst all the other Bulls.

    However, December asks you if the sacrifices you made in were worth the professional acclaim you are experiencing now. The 15th heightens your confusion, while the Winter Solstice on December 21st and the Full Moon December 22nd end an existing partnership at work. The New Moon on the 7th allows you to reconnect with colleagues, as you all have fun rocking around the Christmas tree at your office holiday bash. The Full Moon on the 22nd puts the focus on you, as you are the Crab of the hour at work, which will give you the drive to get your hustle on in the New Year, as action planet Mars moves into your professional sphere on December 31st, giving you the chance to up your game at work in The New Moon on the 7th brings a lucrative venture your way.

    Beware, this project is not what it seems. Being paid on time will result from the partnership, adding frustrations down the road. The 12th heightens your hesitations about the project, forcing you to choose another venture to dedicate your time to. There will be more opportunities for you down the road which will be a better fit. Business may have been slow this past month, forcing you to assert your thrifty nature, in order to save some cash. With your planetary ruler, Mercury, turning direct from its endless retrograde journey, on the 6th, you can expect a momentary reprieve around work and money.

    The 15th brings old clients back for good, as Uranus who is moving backwards through its retrograde motion and Neptune bring unexpected success your way, lasting into the New Year. Finally, after months of financial ups and down, December brings an end to the financial roller coaster. The 1st and 2nd bring a boost to your bank account, as others are noticing your hard work. The Winter Solstice, occurring December 21st, brings new work your way—however, not without frustrations during the Full Moon on the 22nd.

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