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In Vedic astrology, planets and birth stars gain extreme importance. You cannot just check which birthstone matches your zodiac sign and wear it. In some cases, an astrologer might also advise you to wear a different gemstone, based on your natal chart. So, in the Indian system, it is always best to consult an astrologer before you choose the birthstone by rashi.

In the Vedic system, nine gemstones, called Navaratnas, are the ideal stones to be worn. Each gemstone corresponds to one of the nine planets or Navagrahas. While there are 12 Rashis or Lagnas, there are only nine gemstones.

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So how do you match your Rashi and the gemstone? A specific planet rules each rashi. So, generally, the ruling planet determines the Rashi Ratna. Further, rashis are matched with only the seven physical planets or grahas. So more than one rashi may match with the same birthstone. The Rashi gemstones are also divided into hot and cold ratnas. Your gemstone guide or astrologer will advise you which is the best birthstone for you. Mars, or Mangal, is the red planet.

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He is a fierce person, a warrior. So, he is matched with a red-coloured stone, the coral.

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Wear it on your ring finger, called as Anamika, on a Tuesday. Shukra stands for courage, spirituality, love, prosperity, and morality, represented by the clear and sparkling diamond. So, wear this precious stone on your middle finger, called as Madhyama, on a Friday. Budh influences the intellect and relationships. The ideal birthstone by Rashi for these lagnas is emerald. So, you should wear this gemstone on your little finger, or the Kanistha, on a Wednesday. The stone related to Chandra is pearl. Pearl is white- it symbolises clarity, purity, calmness and nurturing tendencies.

These are the attributes of Chandra, who also represents the mother. So, wear this stone on Monday, on your Kanishtha or the little finger. The gemstone for the sun is Ruby. The fiery ruby signifies power, command, courage and also a kind heart. These are also the attributes of the sun.

Wear it on a Sunday on your ring finger, called as Anamika. As the Guru, he imparts knowledge and wisdom. The yellow sapphire symbolizes him.

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You should wear this as the birthstone by Rashi on your index finger Tarjani , on Thursday. Shani can bless you as well as harm you. Contact Us. Customer Care. All about blue sapphire.

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Cleansing and everything. Blue sapphires. Articles Gemstones and Impacts. Manglik Dosha. Vedic Mantra. Birth chart Houses. Sade Sati. The comprehensive section. Explains every important. Coveted Gemstones. The section covers. Gemstone for Moon. Green Emerald. Gemstone for Rahu. Red Coral.

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Gemstone for Mars. Why wear a gemstone only after consulting an Astrologer With so many positive colors of divine gems, it also possess a darker side making us concern about its adoption as approaching a wrong gem could result in worst conditions of the wearer. How to wear it - Necklace, beads, Ring, Pendants, jewelry Gemstones are worn in many ways from ancient times.

The shape of the gem is not as important as the precision cut of the gem. Mixed Unheated Sapphire Lot highlighting the importance of Cut. The knowledge of correct Gemstone weight is available only to a blessed few. The root of this method is Greed driven by a desire to push non gem grade and low gem grade material as Gemstones. Even a 1 — 2 carat gemstone, satisfying the above 4 aspects will give positive and good results.

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Generally gemstones above 2 carats satisfying the above conditions will give the best results. Apart from these facts, there is the most important aspect of choosing a gemstone. That is the aura and draw of the gem. While choosing a gemstone anybody and everybody are bound to feel attracted to a particular gem more than the other.

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The gem that satisfies the 5 basic principles of Jyotish quality and the gem that appeals and draws you the most is the gem for you! So for the best implementation of gem therapy follow the above stated factors and get ready to experience the miracles of gems! Thank you for submitting your information. Our Associate will get back shortly. Lifetime Exchange In News Testimonials.

hindu astrology rings Hindu astrology rings
hindu astrology rings Hindu astrology rings
hindu astrology rings Hindu astrology rings
hindu astrology rings Hindu astrology rings
hindu astrology rings Hindu astrology rings
hindu astrology rings Hindu astrology rings

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