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For even deeper information from the lame tarot lamoureux astrologers on the web, including free virgo horoscopes and astrology forecasts daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, follow our links and be sure to visit our home page at free horoscopes and astrology. New Moons are always a fresh new perspective and emotional clarity; and this one specialises in arty creativity, beauty, biz savvy and good old romance The luckiest planet is on the move -into Scorpio from October 11th so we better look sharp and get ready for a new wave of energy to wake us up for the next 12 months Aries Full Moon coming up, exact 5.

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Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emotional material has been brewing all month -and in Aries it's an impatient, tetchy imperative to get on with it, horns lowered and ready to go! It's loving, supportive human connection -whether romantic, familial, friends, tribe or biz that gets us through and always wins out, and lets not forget it! But let's be honest, when the lovers get together it feels like mating season -and hungry romantic attraction that's on our mind October is here and the scopes are up. It's a sexy, promising month full of new momentum, optimistic confidence, emotional well-being and Big Love When it comes to romance, love, art and beauty, we are now all about elegant personal discipline, discriminating good taste, intelligence and earthy, pragmatic efficiency New Moons are all about fresh, clean new energy; and an opportunity to focus this with clearest possible intentions for the greatest flow forward throughout the rest of the month.

It's like a monthly clean slate, where we get to clean up our act and polish up our vision anew Which is always great for unleashing our magnificent spunk, fabulous talent, gorgeous good looks and charisma upon the world, without wasting a smidgen of energy on false modesty So Mercury officially stations direct today, 9. So the retrograde is over - and we can all skip forward free and easy already??

Not quite yet! September is coming, and the scopes are up. So lets really embrace the zeigeist this week- and stay tuned into our flow with determined confidence x. So the magic in the air; that very Aquarian capacity to imagine new possibilities and that very Leonine capacity to creatively manifest them is palpable right now!

So Full Moons tend to be a rising up of whatever emotional material that has been fomenting all month; and in Aquarius we tend toward a cool, detached analysis of these feelings rather than getting too down and dirty actually feeling them. Which on the one hand can be genius Yes it's Leo season and the August scopes are up to guide us, as we strut through this fabulous month Leo New Moon coming up, 7.

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It's Leo season for sure, and a blazing good time coming up if we're ready! Mars, the sexy warrior god rules personal confidence, sexual conquest, how we make things happen, assert ourselves and tap into our most primal energy source; and in Leo we do it with nothing less than brazen, magnificent spunk Full Moons are always a coming to terms with whatever's driving us emotionally, and in Capricorn it's ambitious, gutsy determination to scale the heights of personal excellence! July is here, as mid-year turns us toward a new cycle heading toward the second half of this most interesting year Happy July -scopes are up, for more detail for on your sign this month read more here The Cancerian attitude is all about emotional well-being.

Neptune is our most inspired creative, spiritual, emotional connection with nothing less than universal, divine flow So we're really just warming up for big , sexy energy in our romantic lives, building as we speak If you're in love or ok, lust , or you want to be? Yep could be mating season coming up! Full Moon in Sagittarius, exact 0. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emo has been building up throughout the month, and in Sag it is the ferocity of our rebellious, freedom loving spirit that we're coming to terms with right now Do we have our more impetuous passions integrated and in check by now or what?

Because we have a change of pace with Venus in earthy Taurus, from now until July 6th, for a month of delicious grounding -we get to slow down and smell the roses Mars tends to power forward impulsively but Cancer likes to scuttle sideways whilst checking out the terrain with a strategic eye first; so we might have to adjust to a more lateral, seemingly kooky but actually very savvy approach to things for a while Mars in Gemini has us massively restless, light on our feet, juggling options, acutely aware of the multiplicity of options available to us and buzzing to get some kind of move forward-asap- with at least one of them!

But Saturn in Sag has standards, and is apparently blocking our path until we've slowed down and worked some serious quality control New Moon in Gemini. New Moons are always a sense of renewal, and in Gemini our refreshed perspective is sparky, playful and emotionally lucid. A lovely lightness of being is one of the perks of Gemini energy, and we embrace it! Fire energy is about passion; we follow our most visionary dreams and get in touch with our desires for a good time Yep, that's the Full Moon in Scorpio coming up 7. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings we've been dealing with in the previous month and in Scorpio the emo is DEEP May is upon us and the scopes are up.

We have Venus completing her lengthy tour of Aries with a whole new, fiery ferocity to do love, romance, art, beauty, talent and biz on our own terms and wth as much creative confidence, shameless self promotion and with Saturn involved gritty determination as possible.

And Mars in Gemini suggesting that light on our feet, multi-tasking, savvy flexibility Five weeks of full, pure Aries moxy ahead! And that Aries Venus is a fierce.. Taurus New Moon, exact New Moons are always a lovely rush of fresh new perspective; and in earthy Taurus its a chance to score a clearer, healthier relationship with our physicality. So issues around physical pleasure and well-being, food, sex and money become paramount this week Mars is how we get things done, and we're just coming out of steady Taurus progress, but now we have Gemini energy -which doesn't plod perseveringly so much as seriously multi-task Gemini Mars flits cheerfully from one exciting thing to another with a sparky restlessness that lends us a genius alacrity So seeing Patti Smith live this weekend was so inspiring read more.

Your Monthly Horoscope: March 2018

So where Full Moons tend to bring up any emo that's been brewing recently -in Libra it's to do with romance, relationships generally, art, biz and beauty, and boy has this stuff been simmering away lately or what! There's some nice frisson for a good time, with adventurous Jupiter, potent Pluto and uncompromising bitch Lilith power-tripping us to grow the hell into a more powerful version of ourselves; so there's some sparky personal development right there Read more.

Read more That would be the gorgeous Aries New Moon, exact We say fuq it to any limiting, defeatist ideas we've been tempted to indulge lately and say a big YES to whatever turns us on In Taurus we feel our desires in a simple, honest, direct way. We don't have to second guess or analyse future outcomes; we just know what we want because we feel it in our bones right now and that's enough. The power of living in the present moment -gently, authentically, sans forcing things- is potent here. March is here and the scopes are UP.

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  6. We have so much firepower turning us on this month. Bitch Lilith in Sag makes us all outlaw wildlings, to the extent we hold our own and no-one tells us what to do -we're running our own race. Mars in Aries is about fierce autonomy, and then into Taurus from the 10th is digging our heels in re actioning life on our OWN terms or not at all So Pisces lunations tend to invoke an oceanic flow of emotion and a shamanic, magical realist attitude at the best of times, especially an Eclipse and especially with mystical Neptune involved. This combination is fairly straightforward so I'll keep it brief: Lilith is Queen of the rebels, iconoclasts, happily outcast lone wolves Our most authentic feelings tend to rise up during a Full Moon, and in Leo they're all about self-awareness, healthy pride, creative expression, show-off moxy, generosity, personal warmth, hot love affairs and passionate living.

    Yes we're all fired up and ready to go, so what are we going to do about it? For a start Venus is making a move on her lover Mars -also in Aries- this week, so we're making some love stories happen? Well yes we're gonna try Warrior god Mars rocks into his home turf of Aries tomorrow, from 4. Mars is how we access our go-gettem life force, and in his favorite sign-Aries- we grab our kinaesthetic energy from doing whatever turns us on, on our own terms because we're driven by nothing less than pure, raw lust for life and we don't care who knows it!

    Aqua New Moons are always fresh, sparky and bright with promising, liberating new emotional intent for the month ahead And on that note we just happen to have TWO sets of astrological lovers hooking up in the skies right now Love goddess Venus meets magical Neptune this week-active for several more days but exact tomorrow -and right on the back of a big, watery Full Moon So this can go either way.

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    We're feeling everything more acutely than ever; so anything that's building up recently in our emotional lives Venus not only loves being in Pisces -where she is exalted, but also join joins mystical Neptune, the South Node of spooky old memories, Chiron the healer and nearly catches up with her lover Mars on her journey through the watery Pisces realms of Pisces in the coming month -it's a magical mystery ride coming up for the goddess of love for sure.

    So was a weirdo cracker of a year or what? But never fear, it's now and I think it just might be a good one New Moons are crisp, clean new energy and Capricorn is nothing if not a raw, crisply efficient attitude to get on with it already! So we've had the seeds of some pretty major transformation in , and plenty of death in our collective zeitgeist read more. Thrillingly unexpected, but apt, crazy opportunities are liable to strike at any moment; and yes we grab them obviously Dialogues are about to get real nuts Hema Malini 3 years ago oh my God..

    Lizy Lolo 3 years ago Brilliant reading as usual spot on thank you blessings to you. Karen Rutherford 3 years ago I just found this one for the whole year! Thank you. Janice Debidien 4 years ago Thank you so much Jo Santos 4 years ago thank you so much for the beautiful and honest reading.

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    Jackie Whitehead 4 years ago X. Carol Maguire 4 years ago thank you Alexander. Happy new year. I love your style!!! Donna Lopez 4 years ago You are right about us cancers. Clara Sacco 4 years ago TY Alexandra for your readings. Richa Varu 4 years ago wen is the jan reading coming??!

    alexandra tarot december virgo Alexandra tarot december virgo
    alexandra tarot december virgo Alexandra tarot december virgo
    alexandra tarot december virgo Alexandra tarot december virgo
    alexandra tarot december virgo Alexandra tarot december virgo
    alexandra tarot december virgo Alexandra tarot december virgo
    alexandra tarot december virgo Alexandra tarot december virgo

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