January 17 birthday astrology tlc

January 17

Work often plays an important part in life for a person born on the seventeenth of January and not as a rule for financial reasons. You are career orientated and although you are good with money it does not particularly motivate you towards your job options. You are highly ambitious and will prefer occupations that offer some degree of job satisfaction and security. You are likely to choose your career path early in life and tend to stay in the same line of work for a long time. You are proficient at budgeting and managing your finances but you are sometimes tempted to dip into savings.

As with all Capricorns personal relationships are sometimes difficult due to your fragile ego and shyness in this area. In your case your biggest fear of intimacy is often rejection as your confidence is more often than not rather low with regard to emotional attachments. In spite of this you adore the company of others and the special feeling of being in love so a partner in life is commonly part of your plans.

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In a soul mate relationship you are generous and caring but you can also be jealous and demanding. You have a strong dislike of mind games and will need a partner that can express their emotions effectively without having to resort to suggestions. In a romantic partnership the person born on the seventeenth day of January likes to take the lead and feel in control and may have to learn to be more flexible.

A strong constitution and general good health is ordinarily experienced by those born on January 17th. This is coupled with your immensely keen interest in keeping healthy and being well informed about the latest research and advances on the subject. Your basic physical and emotional needs are simple but you understand the importance of their fine balance in your overall well being.

Even though you can be a little lazy in the exercise department you are prepared to make an effort in order to look and feel great. You are prone to sometimes have a sweet tooth so do not forget to have regular dental checkups. Your predominant main strengths of character lie in your independent, mindful but forceful and decisive mannerisms.

January 17 Zodiac

These dynamic traits of your personality give you a charismatic nature that allows you build the lifestyle you seek. Weaknesses in your personality you may recognize if you are born on January 16th are your sporadic tendencies to be rather domineering or stubbornly uncooperative. These negative characteristics are likely to show up stronger or more frequently if you are overtired or have a lot on your mind. Try to avoid keeping all your worries to yourself. Being born on the 17th of January bestows you with lots of imagination and creativity and this often filters through into your aspirations.

This could mean that your dreams and goals will sometimes be fanciful but they are not usually unrealistic or towards things that are out of your capability. Your wishes tend to generally involve achieving equilibrium and contentment in both your professional and personal life. This scenario is when you are at your happiest and most optimistic.

You also likely to dream of and hope to be able to travel and and see and learn about as much of the world as you can. As you were born on the seventeenth day of the month your date of birth digits 1 an 7 give you a Root number of Eight. This numerical reference's keyword is 'Leader' and it signifies your authoritative nature and calm improvising skills. The special Tarot card related to your birthday is the 17th card in the Major Arcana the Star and it symbolizes your eagerness to visit all parts of the world.

January 17 Birthday Astrology

A Black Pearl is the designated lucky gemstone especially for January the seventeenth birthdays. It can be worn for an increased concentration or energy boost and for the attraction of good fortune. Because of the inaccuracy of the calendrical calculation systems, the mean and real true New Moons rarely coincide. The mean New Moon often precedes the real New Moon. As the Synodic lunar month is approximately This means reading ancient texts and inscriptions in Thailand requires constant vigilance, not just in making sure one is correctly operating for the correct region, but also for variations within regions itself when incursions cause a variation in practice.

The Buddhist calendar is a lunisolar calendar in which the months are based on lunar months and years are based on solar years. One of its primary objectives is to synchronize the lunar part with the solar part. Therefore, some form of addition to the lunar year of intercalation is necessary. The overall basis for it is provided by cycles of 57 years.

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Eleven extra days are inserted in every 57 years, and seven extra months of 30 days are inserted in every 19 years 21 months in 57 years. This provides complete days to both calendars. As such, the calendar adds an intercalary month in leap years and sometimes also an intercalary day in great leap years. The intercalary month not only corrects the length of the year but also corrects the accumulating error of the month to extent of half a day. The average length of the month is further corrected by adding a day to Nayon at irregular intervals—a little more than seven times in two cycles 39 years.

The intercalary day is never inserted except in a year which has an intercalary month.


The Burmese calendar however always inserts the intercalary month at the same time of the year, after the summer solstice while the Arakanese calendar inserts it after the vernal equinox. Note: The Arakanese calendar adds the intercalary day in Tagu, not in Nayon. The Cambodian, Lao and Thai lunar calendars use a slightly different method to place the intercalary day.

Instead of it in a leap year as in the Burmese system, the Thai system places it in a separate year. Thus, the Thai small leap year has days while the Thai great leap year has days. Since the main purpose of Buddhist calendar is to keep pace with the solar year, the new year is always marked by the solar year , which falls at the time when the Sun enters Aries. In the 20th century, the New Year's Day fell on April 15 or 16th but in the 17th century, it fell on April 9 or 10th. Cambodian and Thai systems give animal names to the years from a cycle of It begins with a prefix "Aek, tor or trei", which means one, two or three respectively using numerals that were derived from the Sanskrit language then the suffix "Sak" is added to each prefix so as to form a word of the year.

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Cambodian use the Sak system to differentiate the twelve animal years that return every twelve year by including the ten-year system along with the animal year system. For instance, in , the ten-year and animal year fall in the year of Rooster, Nuppasak era 9 , Buddhist Era of based on Cambodian lunar calendar. The Southeast Asian Buddhist calendars use lunar months but try to keep pace with the solar year, by inserting intercalary months and days on the Metonic cycle in the case of the Burmese calendar, on a modified Metonic cycle.

However, the solar year as defined by the Buddhist calendars is really a sidereal year , which is nearly 24 minutes longer than the actual mean tropical year. Therefore, like all sidereal-based calendars, the lunisolar calendars are slowly drifting away from the seasons.

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january 17 birthday astrology tlc January 17 birthday astrology tlc
january 17 birthday astrology tlc January 17 birthday astrology tlc
january 17 birthday astrology tlc January 17 birthday astrology tlc
january 17 birthday astrology tlc January 17 birthday astrology tlc
january 17 birthday astrology tlc January 17 birthday astrology tlc

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