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Yearly Horoscope 2020

Dear Pisces natives, plan your day as per the planetary influence. Pisceans are usually emotional, sensitive, trust worthy, enthusiastic and are compassionate in relationships. They are very romantic and extremely caring towards their partner. Their patience and understanding skills helps them to overcome any strain or stress.

Characteristics and Personality of Pisces

They are generally stubborn and have an interest in spirituality. This application will help you plan your things well in ahead. Some long-term pending opportunities or projects may come through later in the year, bringing good news. You can pursue these ventures with fervor and passion and become more self-reliant.

You can experience some displeasure with your superiors, which shall help you to develop inner confidence to weather these storms. Try to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone at workplace. Business people may face many challenges and even losses till the 3rd quarter of the year. Chances for you to separate from your business partners are likely. Also, few established customers could become your competitors.

Try to avoid signing any new projects until the month of May or later. There may be delays and obstacles in accomplishing your goals. Those who work on commission may face losses in the first half of the year. Your business funds might suffer an unprecedented blockage. Slow results may frustrate you during the beginning of the year. Those of you trying to enter into entertainment or artistic fields need to make an extra push to break into your dream industry. People with jobs or in service sector shall gain good reputation. However, moving to the next level can be arduous with delays and disappointments.

Persons working in fields of mines, iron and steel, insurance brokers or engineers will fare well.

Emotional issues can crop up. Try to stay calm and sort things out.

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Someone in your surrounding may twist things. Hence, analyze the root cause of the problem to sort it out. Verbal duels can hamper spousal relationship.

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Hence, avoid talking about the past. Be forgiving and act matured, which will instill some peace.

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This year, it is highly important for you to listen to others from your heart, beyond the words of someone. This may open your heart to compassion so that you refrain from impulsive language or actions.

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  8. Exchange of gifts and surprises are likely between couples in later part of year. Outflow towards charity and philanthropy is also likely. Make investments with utmost care as this is not the right time for risky, speculative investments. You can expect some unexpected gains from old investments.

    Additional expenses towards amusements, pleasure trips, and entertainment can bring down your bank balance. Some of you may procure loans. Their health would be normal for the entire period. In love, some miscommunications could cause problems with their partner, which might need prompt and amicable action. They should avoid conflicts with family members and adopt a friendly attitude. Satisfaction levels may increase steadily. They should be careful with people in their close circle. Their qualities will help them to fulfill their commitments and achieve a lot.

    They would have to be careful with finances which need some deft balancing. They should do their best to repay dues or debts if any. There may be some expenses towards purchases of household equipment. They should check if these items are necessary and try to postpone such purchases, if possible. This would be a normal month, career-wise. There might be extra work. Journeys may give fruitful results.

    There could be a tendency to act impulsively. They should remain careful when dealing with people around them as some of them might become enemies. This would be a positive month for business. There could be better opportunities to make use of their abilities and they may get due recognition. They would be fond of luxuries and good things at the workplace which may increase expenditure. This is a good time for Pisces natives. They would be able to sail over obstacles in their profession.

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